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Multispan or Multi-link

At CWP you will find a large range multispan or multilink commercial structures in different types and sizes. Our polytunnels and multispans ensure the best climatic conditions for your crop and provide protection from extremes of weather.
Options include Round or Gothic roof types.   The Gothic roof type allows for Single or Double Ridge Roof ventilation. Our structures can, where required, feature a gutter height of 4m+. 

 Ventilation Options (Manual/Motorised):                                Gutters:  Side-/ Valley Aluminium Gutters with an   
- Fixed Side Ventilation                                                                                integrated clip system for roof sheeting and
- Roll-Up ventilation                                                                                      side ventilation systems.
- Roof or Ridge ventilation (Single/Double)                                 Screens: Thermal or Shade screens

- Fan ventilation

Specification 'Standard' Multispan: 'Eurostyle' Multispan:
Arch Type: Round arch Round/Gothic arch
Single Bay Width: 6.0m -9.1m 9.6m - 12.8m
Gutter Height: 2.0m - 2.5m 2.5m - 4m


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