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CWP manufacture and build a range of agricultural shelter structures that come in various sizes to suit particular requirements of the farmer.
- COVERS: Polythene or PVC covers can be used to cover these
   structures. Polythene can come in Green/White or Ivory colours.
   Alternatively the PVC covers can come in various RAL colours
   e.g. Green, Grey, as well as clear. Clear translucent PVC strips

   can be incorporated into the cover to allow in natural light.
- STRUCTURE: Structures can be made from high tensile tubular steel
  or box steel.
- VENTILATION: Ventilation can be in the Roof/Ridge, Side- or in the
  Gable-ends. It can be a combination of all types.
- FAST & EFFICIENT CONSTRUCTION: Our structures are constructed
  using a building system of pre-engineered elements assembled on site.
  This minimises construction times and limits disruption to you and your

  • Animal Shelters: The basic use of the Agrishelter is to provide a covered area that is dry for the animals to stand and be fed when off the fields.  The farmer may wish to keep animals off the grass due to weather conditions, the condition of the pasture, animal health reasons, rearing.  Another major benefit to our shelters is the substantial reduction in waste or effluent run-off when covering the standoff area as the roof cover virtually eliminates rainfall onto the pad / feed area. Structures can have guttering installed to re-direct the rainfall or store it. Used for:  Sheep, Calves/Cattle, Goats, Horses, Fish Farms, Poultry   
  • Storage: The agri-shelter can protect machinery, timber or feedstuffs from inclement weather.
  • Other Uses: Silage pit covers, Open Farms etc

    If you would like more information or a site visit, please contact our sales office.
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