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Commercial Polytunnels
- Width Sizes: Range from 18ft (5.5m) up to 40ft (12.2m) -

CWP manufactures a large range of commercial structures ranging in a variety of widths and any length.  We use heavy 60.3mm outer diameter x 2.0mm inner diameter steel in our 22ft+ wide structures to give a strong, durable structure.

Our structures have straight sides and high pitched roof, thus giving better drainage of condensation and better light entering the tunnel.  The pitched roof style also offers the possibility to fit a continuous roof ventilation system now or at a later period.  The extra bend in the roof centre of CWP structures also adds strength and height, which will help to prevent accumulations of rain or snow.
The straighter sides and higher vaulted roof increases air volume, giving the grower better atmosphere and improving plant health and growth.

Ventilation Options (Manual or Mechanised):                            Doors:  - Sliding Aluminium Double/Single Doors               
                                - Fixed or Roll-up Side Ventilation                                - Box Steel Double/Single Doors
                                - Roof or Ridge Ventilation
                                - Gable-end Ventilation                                    Cladding Options: Timber or Aluminium cladding rails
                                - Fan Ventilation

CWP offer and supply as standard steel gable ends with a variety of cladding finishes i.e. extruded Aluminium rails or Tanelith-E treated timber.

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